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Let’s Get the Party Started!

Celebrate National Can-It-Forward Day by hosting your own home canning party. It is so easy. Here are some simple steps to follow:


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Step 1: Mark your calendar for August 17 and pick a location to host your Home Canning Party. Select any spot with a working stovetop and some counter space — your kitchen, community center, office break-room, etc.

Step 2: Spread the word - Invite Your Friends, Family, Neighbors and Co-workers. Invite them through Facebook and talk it up on Twitter -- #canitforward

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Step 3: Select Your Recipes. For National Can-It-Forward Day, we suggest Mixed Berry Jam – It’s delicious and easy to make! 

Step 4: Decide how many jars of Mixed Berry Jam you will make at your party, just a few or a large batch. Remember, making fresh jam doesn’t take as long as you think. You may want to make a few batches.

Step 5: Download the printable Intro to Canning Guide, Party Tips Guide, and National Can-It-Forward Day Lid Labels for hosting your own Can-It-Forward Day party.

Lid Label Directions: The labels for the regular mouth jar lids are designed to fit AVERY 5293 Labels. The labels for the wide mouth lids are designed to fit AVERY 5294 labels. Simply download the PDF of your choice, insert the appropriate label sheet into your printer, push print and apply to your jar lids.  They are the perfect finishing touch to your fresh-canned foods!


Step 6: Get Your Gear!  Order by August 8 to arrive in time for your party.