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The production of the first Ball® branded glass jar marked the beginning of a fascinating history. In 1884, the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company began manufacturing fruit jars in Buffalo, New York. After a destructive fire in the Buffalo plant, the five Ball brothers and their families relocated to Muncie, Indiana, where their business has become known worldwide as a trusted leader in home canning.

Today, the Ball brand is manufactured by Jarden Home Brands whose goal is to help kitchen enthusiasts create and share great tasting, homemade food by providing industry-leading tools, solutions and techniques that simplify food preservation and preparation. Over 125 years of research, testing and advancing the art of fresh preserving go into every product, from the line of iconic mason jars to new innovations like the FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker and a line of herb keeping products.

Continuing the tradition started by the Ball brothers, the beloved Ball brand has grown as new generations trust its quality products to preserve fresh produce, aid in home entertaining, and craft home décor projects.

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